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I help busy professionals reduce chronic inflammation by prioritizing anti-inflammatory foods, optimizing gut health, balancing blood sugar, and implementing lifestyle changes. It’s time to take back control of your health!

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Do You Have "Unfixable" Health Challenges?

It's Time To Put an End to the Worry and Get Back to Living Your Life

  • Do you feel irritable, frustrated, and fed up with the struggle to keep up with life due to constant fatigue dragging you down daily?
  • Do digestive issues like bloating, gas, or constipation make you feel self-conscious, embarrassed, and like you can't fully participate in your life?
  • Do hormonal imbalances, low libido, and other performance issues make you feel like you're not in control of your body, leading to feelings of hopelessness, depression, and anxiety?
  • Does chronic pain in your head, back, muscles, or joints consume your every thought, making it difficult to think about anything else and affecting your relationships, job, and overall quality of life?
  • Do uncomfortable skin issues like rashes, hives, or itchy red skin make you feel like you're going crazy due to constant itching and irritation, leaving you feeling hopeless and defeated?
  • Have you tried complicated fad diets, expensive supplements, or working with multiple healthcare providers but haven’t seen any progress?
  • Are you unsure what you should do next?

You don’t have to keep living like this any longer.

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Let’s get started on helping you regain control over your chronic inflammation symptoms and get you living again under your terms using “Food as Your Medicine”.

It's Root Cause Resolution Time

The best and quickest way to start feeling better is to address the root causes of your symptoms.

More than likely, your root cause is related to CHRONIC INFLAMMATION and/or having IMBALANCED BLOOD SUGARS from living a high-stress life, eating a diet lacking the right nutritional balance, or not following the right supportive lifestyle practices for you. 

I’ve been there too and I get it!

It’s hard to eat right, exercise daily, and avoid those tempting sweets when you’re always in a rush to complete your to-do list.

My goal is to help quell your inflammation and re-balance your blood sugar by teaching & coaching you on what nutrition and lifestyle habits your body truly needs so you can feel your best.

In my Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Programs you’ll get support with the following to SIX key areas to Kick Your Chronic Inflammation To The Curb: (Click the links below to learn more about each topic)

Work with me 1:1 in my Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Programs to discover how to get your health back and feel like you did in your 20s & 30s again.

What is Functional Nutrition Coaching?

Functional nutrition coaching is a comprehensive, evidence-based method for wellness that targets the fundamental reasons behind imbalances or dysfunctions within the body.

Instead of just treating your bloating, fatigue, aches, brain fog, disturbed sleep, or other common issues with a Band-Aid approach, you need a method that addresses the underlying factors contributing to your health concerns. That’s where I come in as a functional nutrition coach.

You’ll find that I use a variety of tools and techniques aimed at improving your well-being and helping you achieve optimal health.

I’ll guide you through appropriate dietary modifications, lifestyle adjustments, and strategies for managing sleep and stress.

As your functional nutrition coach, I’m here to help you recognize and resolve bodily imbalances before they escalate into more significant health concerns.

It’s time for you to take charge of your chronic inflammation and enable your body to function optimally and flourish!

Click here to read my blog and discover functional nutrition tips and insights that will help you achieve optimal health.

Let's Work On Your Nutrition Together!

By the end of our first conversation, you'll feel optimistic and motivated to start making positive changes in your life

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Re-Root: Embark On A Fresh Start For A Revitalized Life

Get your quality of life back with Re-Root!

Tired of dealing with annoying health issues that you can’t figure out how to RESOLVE on your own?

I’ve been where you are today with my own health and totally understand how you feel.

I struggled with poor digestion, brain fog, poor sleep, muscle, and joint pain that came out of nowhere for many years that no one was able to help with, including hours of combing through Dr. Google.

Eventually, I found the right practitioners who were able to uncover the root cause of my problems. They then educated me on how to eat healthy and practice the right lifestyle skills that would heal my issues by reducing chronic inflammation.

Thanks to their guidance, I was able to improve my health and feel better in the long run – a necessity as a busy professional.

I learned how to heal myself and I’m on a mission to help as many people as possible to do the same!

I’m Joseph Bershad, a certified functional nutrition health coach, global food product developer, and professional chef based out of Baltimore, Maryland, working with clients in person and virtually over Zoom.

I embrace the Food is Medicine philosophy in my functional nutrition coaching, harnessing its incredible potential to rejuvenate your body, particularly in terms of gut and cognitive health, by managing chronic inflammation.

You CAN and WILL experience an improvement in your well-being by nourishing your body with the appropriate foods.

There’s no need for you to navigate this journey alone. Join me in my Re-Root Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Programs for one-on-one guidance, and discover the secrets to reclaiming the health and vitality you enjoyed in your 20s and 30s.

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3 Ways To Work With Re-Root and Get Control of Your Health!

30 for 30 Ask Joseph Anything Sessions

Do you have urgent nutrition or wellness questions you’ve been longing to ask? Stop looking to Dr. Google for the answers.

Now’s your chance to tap into my knowledge and find the right answers.

What nutrition and lifestyle questions do you have for me?

2-Hour Functional Nutrition Coaching Power Session

Looking for a nutritional kickstart to your wellness?

Let’s start with the basics of proper anti-inflammatory diet tactics to reduce your chronic inflammation.

Learn what foods will reduce your chronic inflammation

3-Month Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Program

Are you looking to go all in to kick your chronic inflammation to the curb?

When you learn how to follow the proper anti-inflammatory Mediterranean-based diet and lifestyle you will flourish.

Discover nutrition & lifestyle tactics to get you feeling your best

These sessions can be virtual over Zoom or in person if in the Baltimore, Maryland area.

Learn How Food Can Truly Be Your Medicine

Inside a vein showing red blood cells

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Learn which foods will help you to:

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  • Give you the energy to go on a long hike
  • Help you to lose those stubborn pounds
  • Allow you to sleep like a baby again
  • Stop having uncomfortable belly problems

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Let's Work On Your Nutrition Together!

By the end of our first conversation, you'll feel optimistic and motivated to start making positive changes in your life

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