3 Month Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Program

Are you ready to go all-in and kick your chronic inflammation to the curb?

My 3 Month Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Program is my most comprehensive offering. If you are ready to make your health and wellness a top priority, this is the program for you. Together, and one-on-one, we’ll get you back to living your best life and in just 5 easy steps:

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Free 30 Min Discovery Call


1 Hour Intake Session


1 Hour Program Overview Session


6 x 45 Min Follow-Up Sessions


A Healthier Happier You

Free 30 Minute Discovery Call

It’s Time to Prioritize Your Health and Wellness

The first step is your free 30 minute Discovery Call.

We’ll discuss your health goals and how I can help you achieve them.

During this call, we will:

  • Review your health challenges and history
  • Clarify your diet and lifestyle goals
  • Explore how the program can help you feel like yourself again
  • Discuss my coaching philosophy and what you can expect from me as your coach
  • Review the program details and pricing

After our conversation, you’ll feel inspired to take back control of your health so you can get back to what’s most important in your life.

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1 Hour Intake Session

The First Part of the Journey Is Understanding Where You Are

After your initial 30 minute discovery call, we have an in-depth and comprehensive review of your health history, your current diet and lifestyle habits.

During this 1 hour functional nutrition coaching session, we’ll take a deep dive into:

  • Your current diet and overall relationship with food
  • Your current lifestyle practices
  • Past diets you have tried
  • What’s worked for you, and what hasn’t
  • Your overall mental state and feelings regarding your health

At the end of our call, I’ll have a better understanding of your health. With this information, I can begin to create a strategic health and wellness plan that will meet your specific short and long-term goals.

Book your free, 30-minute discovery call

1 Hour Program Overview Session

Learn How Your Body Functions So You Can Function Better.

Following your 1 hour intake session, I’ll now present to you my strategic health plan with nutrition strategies and lifestyle techniques aimed at RE-ROOTING you so you can re-engage with life on your terms.

Your detailed and strategic health plan includes…

Functional Nutritional Education Around:

  • What chronic inflammation is, and why it’s so harmful
  • What foods will support your energy so you can thrive
  • My proven version of the anti-inflammatory Mediterranean-based diet
  • Recipes and suggestions for preparing food
  • Shopping and pantry guidance, including how to read food labels
  • How to eat wisely when you’re eating at home and away from home

Lifestyle Education Strategies Around:

  • Sleep Optimization
  • Stress Management
  • Proper Hydration
  • Exercises and Movement
  • The Importance of Community and Purpose

Tools For Success:

  • Recommended Podcasts
  • Recommended Books

Upon completion of this coaching session, you will have a solid grasp on the health and wellness strategies and techniques aimed at achieving your health goals.

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6 x 45-Minute Follow-Up Coaching Sessions

Staying Focused and Accountable with Continued Mentorship

After completing your 1 hour program overview session, we’ll then schedule your bi-weekly check-in sessions to keep you focused on and accountable towards your health and wellness goals.

During each 45-minute session, we will:

  • Review your progress — both the good and the bad
  • Explore more ways to help you stay on track
  • Discuss and modify your goals, where required
  • Review additional content around diet, lifestyle, and cooking
  • Answer all of your questions

Within 24-hours of each session, I’ll provide you with a detailed summary, along with clear action steps.

Our bi-weekly check-ins are engaging and vital parts of the program, keeping you motivated and on track toward your health goals.

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A Healthier, Happier You

Transform Your Body and Mind in 12-Weeks

It doesn’t take a lifetime to start living the life you want and deserve. It just takes one step and living moment by moment. In just 3 months, you’ll start to be acquainted with old parts of yourself that you lost and new ones that you didn’t even know existed.

Are you ready?

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