What Does Working with Joseph Look Like?

In this relationship, you will:

  • Have a conversation and understanding of your health history and what has lead you here
  • Establish a clear outline of your goals and how we can work to achieve them together
  • Establish a deep understanding of nutrition education, how to read food labels, how to shop for the right food items, what foods are helping and harming your health, and much more
  • Understand how to live your life without restrictions while nourishing your health
  • Create small changes that lead to big results
  • Have a trusted partner who understands your needs and can help you achieve your goals
  • Provide you with the tools and mindset to live a happy and healthy life using lifestyle habits that stick
  • Learn how to re-engage with life and feel like you did in your 20's & 30's again

Re-Root's Coaching Overview

Who Do I Work With?

Based out of Baltimore, MD, I work closely with clients, both in person and virtually, who have tried everything out there with limited or no success to improve their overall health and wellness.

My goal is to teach you how to:

  • Implement a healthier food strategy
  • Have fun with food & cooking
  • Improve your mindset around food
  • Sleep better
  • Improve your energy
  • Follow and stick to an exercise plan
  • Reduce and manage stress to feel better
  • Optimize how you feel
  • Prioritize self-care
  • Create more balance in your life
  • Stay motivated
  • Be accountable for your own future

What Is Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching?

Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching is a client-centered, science-based approach that empowers the client and coach to work together to promote optimal nutritional health.

As Your Coach I Will:

  • Guide you and hold you accountable for optimizing your lifestyle and nutrition changes
  • Provide you with a well researched approach to optimize your food choices, lifestyle, wellness, & environment
  • Provide practical culinary tips to help you make your cooking experience more enjoyable.

Why Re-Root?

There are three key ROOTS to your health:

  • Optimizing digestion
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Activating the right genes

Think of these as the roots of a tree that anchor it to the ground. If the roots are not nourished then the tree will wither. But with the right foods it will flourish.

By taking a holistic approach to your health and supporting your roots with the right foods and lifestyle changes, we can help you be the best version of yourself.

Together we will RE-ROOT your body for optimal health and wellness.

Client Success Stories

Nick W.

“I have struggled with eating habits and trying to change them for my entire life. Some struggles are culturally rooted (food makes you feel better), and some are rooted in a lack of coping. I originally signed up with Joseph because I wanted a plan. I needed some structure inserted into how I eat and conceptualize eating. My hesitation, as always, is rooted in my self-doubt. I have enjoyed the work with Joseph.

His approach is very low-pressure and non-judgmental, as well as commonsensical. I can now see how to change my habits. I used to hold an “all or nothing” approach, and now I am working to make individual changes and sticking with them.

Joseph provides an intuitive, data-driven approach to changing how one conceptualizes their relationship with food. He comes to you with no judgment and uses his wealth of knowledge and experience to help to start to change habits.”

-Nick W.

Jonathan C.

“I first reached out to Joseph while dealing with a sports injury in my knee. I was hoping that Joseph’s functional nutritional coaching would help reduce my knee pain.

While Joseph offered targeted strategies for reducing the inflammation that was causing the pain, he also provided a more holistic perspective for boosting overall wellness.

I would strongly recommend his coaching to anyone who is looking for an integrated, positive approach to improving diet and lifestyle for overall wellness.”

-Johnathan C.

Diego S.

“Joseph has keen attention to detail. He sets clear milestones and enhances any person. Joseph reads each situation quickly and uses his vast acumen to identify the best path forward. As a result, he handles difficult situations easily, excels in making informed decisions, and operates from a fact-based foundation.

Joseph can find a path forward regardless of the complexity.

He is very persistent and has an excellent work ethic. He treats everyone with whom he interacts with an approachable, articulate, and thoughtful demeanor.

-Diego S.

Will S.

“A great resource that helped me make great strides in understanding how food affected me, making better daily choices, and generally having a greater relationship with food.”

-Will S.

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