I came across this book while listening to Dr. Jeffrey Bland’s Big Bold Immunity podcast (https://bigboldhealth.libsyn.com/38-how-to-accelerate-immune-resilience-dr-heather-moday).

I was really drawn to Dr. Heather Moday’s approach to the immune system.

She goes really deep into explaining the finer points of how your immune system works but presents it in an easy-to-understand manner.

Her main focus in the book is to define what’s your specific immunotype and then map out the best dietary tactics, lifestyle changes, and supplements to implement based on that type to get you feeling better.

These being:

Smoldering – Too much inflammation, resulting in diabetes, dementia, or heart disease

Weak – An immune system that doesn’t react fast or effectively enough, causing frequent colds, flu, or bronchitis

Hyperactive – Overactive to harmless substances, causing allergies

Misguided – An immune system which attacks your own cells & organs, causing autoimmune diseases”

She provides a quiz within the book that will define your Immunotype.

The key to all of this, is to focus on defining that you have inflammation in the first place and then giving your body the best support to lessen it and then allow healing to occur.

Most people today are not aware that they even have inflammation.

However, when you look at their symptoms like brain fog, fatigue, digestive issues, poor sleep, mood swings, and metabolic dysfunction, they have inflammation.

The good news is that once you define you have inflammation, you can do something about it to improve your quality of life.

So how can you help improve your immune system, which in turn can help reduce your inflammation?

She defines that the key areas that everyone can focus on are:

  • Improve your sleep quantity and quality
  • Optimize your stress
  • Tend to your microbiome
  • Identify and remove environmental toxins
  • Feed your immune system what it really needs to thrive

Once you focus on these five items together in the right way, you CAN get better.

What really resognated with me, is that her approach is aligned with my Functional Nutrition Coaching program’s approach.

Focus on what’s best for you and provide your body with the right support to allow you to thrive again.

Especially using Food as Medicine.

Are ready to make a change and get your life back on track?

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