Inflammation is the bodies innate immune response to some form of stress.

There are two types of inflammation: Acute & Chronic

Acute inflammation is immediate like when you scrape your knee and it get red and inflamed which is the good kind of inflammation

Chronic inflammation occurs over time and can manifest itself in many ways both external and internally.  It could be caused by toxins, bacteria, viruses, sugar, highly processed foods, etc.& this is the bad inflammation.

If chronic inflammation is left on its own, it could produce negative conditions that you don’t want.

Good news is that you can apply healthy food & lifestyle approaches which can help mitigate chronic inflammation.

Here’s some key anti-inflammatory approaches to implement:

*Add in quality fats like extra virgin olive oil, nuts, seeds, avocados & olives

*Eat quality proteins like grass fed beef, wild caught fatty fish, organic/pasture raised poultry

*Incorporate a wide variety of whole fruits & vegetables of many sizes, shapes and colors

*Drink 1/2 your body weight in fl oz of water every day

*Get 7-8 hours of quality sleep

*Allow yourself time to relax with yoga, mediation, mindfulness, breathing & spending time in nature

*Surround yourself with others with positive can do attitudes

Here’s some great anti-inflammatory recipes to try out:

There are so many more great techniques to help reduce inflammation from your body.

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To your health!


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