The brain supports just about every function in our bodies and requires a good deal of our daily energy intake from what we eat.

To keep your cognitive health in optimal condition, add in the following brain supporting foods into your diet:


Provides a great source of polyphenols & polyunsaturated fat that supports memory & concentration

*Plain Full Fat Yogurt

The active cultures support a healthy microbiome which supports brain health

*Wild Blueberries

More concentrated levels of anthocyanins vs regular blueberries which support for memory & enhance mood


Lots of antioxidants which improves memory


It’s vitamin C content helps prevent cognitive loss & amyloid plaque formation


Contains choline which is essential for brain support to help cognition


High in antioxidants that reduce inflammation which may improve cognition

*Dark Chocolate (85%+)

It’s cacao content contains active flavonoids that supports memory & brain plasticity


Great source of omega 3’s which support nerve cell growth, memory & emotions


Contains quercitin & increases acetylcholine production which support cognition

Look to add these into your daily regime using these recipes:

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