If you focus on these four simple tasks each & everyday, you will not only start to feel better, but they will help to optimize your health & longevity.


Drink 1/2 your body weight in fl oz a day. This includes water, teas, coffee, & coconut milk. Be sure to skip the sugary drinks. Your body is made up about 60% water. So you want to continuously replenish what you lose every day. Doing so will help keep your cellular functions running smoothly.

🚞Get Outdoors:

Going on a hike, taking a walk around the block or hanging at the beach is a great way to remove stress & anxiety & allow you to forget about all the craziness in the world.

😮‍💨Breathe From Your Belly:

Most of us breathe through our chest & via our mouths. Focus on breathing from your belly & engaging your diaphragm. Also breathe in & out through your nose. Doing both of these will provide you with filtered warmed air that can be moved throughout your body & keep your tissues oxygenated & healthy.

🏃‍♂️Move Around:

Most of us spend too much of the day sitting, not getting up & moving around. Focus on getting up at least once every 30 minutes & do some light stretching, go for a walk or do a deep squat. This will not only help you feel energized, but it will prevent your joints & muscles from getting stiff and stuck.

So go ahead and give these four tips a try & let me know how you feel after you’ve started to do these on a daily basis.

You won’t regret doing this!

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To your health!


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