It is finally 1 pm.

Get ready, brace yourself.

Here it comes.

3, 2, 1……

And cut the lights.

Out goes all your productivity, leaving you with the dreadful afternoon crash.

Even after taking a cup of hot black coffee at this time, you still probably feel the crash.

You need to do something right now to help.

You have to do your best until 5 pm.

Just keep focus.

Your head probably feels like a weight, ready to come down on your desk and pass out.

But, only 4 hours left to go.

Now all your trying to do is keep awake.

You can’t even work with how little energy you have left.

Your boss notices this and tells you to start working more and looks over your shoulder as you try to do something, anything.

You down another cup of coffee, and at this point, you finally feel something after a few cups.

You somehow manage to get your spreadsheet finished and get to go home.

At this point, you have a surplus of energy.

By the time you’re ready to head off to bed, you go to sleep around 12 am since you have an abundance of energy from the coffee.

The next day you wake up a bit later than usual, miss your alarm, and are almost late for work.

You quickly rush to get ready, grab the nearest thing to eat, and you off to work.

You eat a highly processed chocolate donut in the car on the way, feeling good and drinking a cup of coffee with it.

And by noon, you are tired once again, only for the cycle to repeat itself again and again.

Does this problem sound familiar to you?

This is more than likely linked to chronic inflammation from your diet and lifestyle habits, as these play a significant role in the quality of your life.

You should not be complacent; instead, take control and get back your energy back.

To take control of your energy for good, please click to set up your free discovery call with me.

Here’s To Kicking Your Chronic Inflammation To The Curb with Joseph, your Functional Nutrition Coach.

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