☕️ For those not familiar with the French press method, here are the basics:

Freshly grind coffee to a medium coarseness, add to the French press, fill with just under boiling water, let steep 5 minutes, press the plunger & enjoy.

Personally, I find using 2 tbsp of ground coffee to 8 oz of water makes a tasty cup of coffee.

💔 I came across this interesting article yesterday that shows there may be a connection between drinking French press coffee & higher total & LDL blood cholesterol levels.


The study data shows that when you make coffee without a filter, you are consuming a higher amount of diterpenes contained in the beans (could be upwards of 300x higher)

Specifically these two diterpenes: Cafestol and kahweol

🩺 These diterpenes in return may negatively impact how your body breaks down & metabolizes cholesterol, which in turn could increase your levels.

Of note, diterpenes have also been linked to some positive health benefits like having anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory & anti-diabetic properties too.

So you have to weigh the ➕ positives over the ➖ negatives here.
The study denotes that it’s best to focus on the following to help lessen the impacts on cholesterol:

2️⃣ Limit your coffee consumption to no more than 2 cups per day

⚫️ Drink darker roast coffee as it has less naturally occurring diterpenes

♨️ Steep your coffee for a shorter duration & with lower temperature water

💧 Use other brewing methods that use a filter like pour-over or drip methods

☕️ The espresso brew method is another good alternative due to the time/temperature ratio & amount of coffee utilized & ultimately consumed

🫰🏻Pick high-quality coffee to start with, like Bulletproof, Purity, Kion or Lifeboost

🥛 🧈 Limit how much dairy & fat you are putting into your coffee, best to drink black if you can

If you pay attention to these tips when selecting & brewing your coffee, you’ll be in a much better place.

☕️ Check out my previous blog on the overall health benefits of coffee to go deeper into the topic:


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