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Too much of anything in life is not a good thing (for the most part!)

As it relates to exercise, for most it’s best to get 30-60 minutes of strength &/or resistance training + HIT + some form of cardio at least 4-6 days per week.

Please be sure to give yourself at least one day off a week to recover, especially after a hard workout.

By doing more than this you are not allowing your body to recover, & you increase the levels of stress hormones like adrenaline & cortisol in your blood.

This in turn when chronically elevated, may lead to negative
repercussions such as…. gastrointestinal distress, elevated blood pressure, emotional disturbances, muscle break down & more.

Your gut is the center of attention as it has the most exposure to the outside world via ingestion of all types of foods.

When you add in extra stress + eat the wrong foods, it may lead to what’s called a “leaky gut” letting the wrong compounds into your bloodstream which then get taken to other parts of your body where they don’t belong.

This in turn is one of the main culprits of chronic inflammation, which if not dealt with can show up as muscle aches, headaches, digestive issues, mood swings, skin issues & many others.

The key is to focus on a balance in terms of exercise, eating the right diet & practicing the right lifestyle skills (proper hydration, stress management, relaxation, etc.)

So get out there & enjoy your life, just be sure to do everything in moderation that’s best for your own body.

By doing this, you’ll feel much better & be in a much better place.

If you’d like guidance & support for your own health journey & would like to work with me as your functional nutrition coach, please go to & schedule your free
30-minute discovery call with me.

To your health!

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