Happy Monday!

I came across The Model Health Show podcast this past week and I’m loving it.


The host Shawn Stevenson is amazing.

He dives deep into topics around fitness, nutrition, relationships, sleep, stress management, financial health, general health & personal development.

He’s big into backing up his content with sound scientific papers & support from experts in the field, which I love.

Plus his personality is on spot for a podcast. Down to earth & knows how to engage with his listeners.

I’ve been listening to his podcasts on sleep + I also just downloaded his book on sleep called Sleep Smarter which has 21 tips on how to optimize your sleep.


I’ve picked up some new tips from here too that I never would have thought of, like cycling the air in your bedroom to prevent high levels of CO2 which can disrupt your sleep.

Give it a listen or read, it’s really interesting.

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To your health!

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