Choosing the right foods is super important to our health as it impacts how we feel everyday.

However, adding in the right lifestyle habits too is one of the most important supports that we can engage with that can have such a huge impact on how we feel.

In today’s crazy world, stress management is so key to our sanity.

One of the best ways to help manage stress is to spend time with loved ones, family, friends, co-workers & pets.

Having time to bond with others allows us to escape our everyday chaos (or at least share it with others!) & really enjoy the time with them.

As you do this, notice how you gain a strong sense of relaxation which will help ease your stress & allow you feel so much better.

Here are some simple tips that will help you out:

*Maintain a positive attitude
*Find connection, meaning and purpose in life
*Connection helps support the happiness of your brain
*Get together with friends to have fun, complain & lend support
*Schedule a weekly friend date
*Call your family members on a regular basis
*Make friends with someone new
*Connect with someone older or younger than you
*Make eye contact when talking
*Snuggle with a loved one
*Play with your pet

So go ahead & make it a point this week to try one of the tips above.

Let me know how this makes you feel afterwards.

I’m sure you’ll feel so much more relaxed.

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To your health!

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