Have you ever wondered what the stickers on fresh fruits & vegetables are for & what do they mean.

PLU or Price Lookup Codes were developed in the 1990’s to help stores & their employees to identify bulk produce correctly to assist with assigning the right price to the item + help them to keep their inventories on track.

PLUs are typically 4 or 5 digits & are standardized by the International Federation of Produce Standards so that everyone uses the same codes to assure consistency.

There are three specific ways that the codes are written:

4-digit PLU code starting with 3 or 4 (3xxx or 4xxx) = conventionally-grown

5-digit PLU code starting with 9 (9xxxx) =

5-digit PLU code  starting with 8 (8xxxx) =
Genetically modified (GMO)


4129 = conventionally-grown Fuji apple
94129 = organically-grown Fuji apple
83111 = genetically-modified papaya (hypothetical)

*Note the GMO codes are not yet in use

So the next time you go into the market to buy your groceries for the week, be sure to read the PLU labels to verify that you are buying what you really want & to be sure you are getting the correct quality.

Here’s a link to PLU database to have on hand to download to your phone:

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