Happy Friday!

I just finished this amazing book by Dr. David Perlmutter.

Fascinating new research around what the impact of having high blood levels of uric acid can do to your health.

High levels of uric acid have been linked to an over reactive immune system which in turn can cause systemic inflammation.

This in turn may lead to “obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes, fatty liver disease, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, stroke, neurological disorders, & premature death”.

The book explains the science behind uric acid & how it impacts these concerns, but mainly it focuses on what you can do by applying the right supportive diet & lifestyle changes to lower your levels which will optimize your health & hopefully prevent these from ever happening.

Such as the removal of three key items your diet:

1). Alcohol (mainly beer)
2). Fructose (mainly high fructose corn syrup)
3). Purines (mainly tuna, sardines & organ meats)

Here’s a list of high to low levels of purines in foods:

So go ahead and check the book out & let me know what you think.

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To your health!

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