The past few days I’ve shared insights about how much water you should drink each day for optimal hydration and the health benefits of achieving this.

Today I’m sharing another way for how you can get more water into your diet.

Focus on eating whole fruits and vegetables with a high water content on top of drinking your, such as the following:

Apples (86% water)
Bell Peppers (92% water)
Broccoli (90% water)
Cabbage (92% water)
Cantaloupe (90% water)
Carrots (87% water)
Cauliflower (92% water)
Celery (95% water)
Cucumbers (95% water)
Grapefruit (88% water)
Grapes (81% water)
Lettuce (96% water)
Oranges (88% water)
Peaches (89% water)
Pears (82% water)
Pineapple (87% water)
Spinach (93% water)
Strawberries (91% water)
Summer squash (94% water)
Tomatoes (94% water)
Watermelon (92% water)

Besides having a high water content, each of these are also great sources of fiber, carbohydrates and key micronutrients.

Eat these whole or blend them into a smoothie with high quality fats and protein to make it into a meal.

Remember that hydration is a key foundational strategy for you to achieve your optimal health.

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