Looking for a simple way to help you to define your ROOT cause of what may be causing you to feel MEH due to nagging chronic symptoms like brain fog, digestive issues, skin issues, etc.?

Well today, I’d like to introduce you to an easy-to-use tool that can help you to start your own health investigation.

It’s called Food, Mood, Poop & Sleep tracker, where you track just these very things.

The goal here is to see if you can ID potential triggers that you may have and then work to improve your current status based on causal trends.

Get your free copy of the tracker to download and fill out HERE

Here’s what you’ll track over a 5 consecutive day period:

Food: What did you eat each day? (You do not need to list quantities)

Beverages: What did you drink each day? (You do not need to list quantities)

Mood: How do you feel each day? (Emotionally and physically)

Poop: What does it look like (Size, shape, color, consistency, odor, volume, food particles seen, does it float?)

Sleep: List when you went to bed and when you woke up, did you wake up while sleeping, and how do you feel when you woke up?

Comments: List anything of interest that happened to you not listed elsewhere (+/- changes in symptoms)

At the end of the 5-day period, you’ll want to review the matrix and look for clues to link any of your physical signs and symptoms to anything you consumed (foods or beverages)

Once you define that, then look to limit or remove those specific foods and beverages and then repeat filling out the tracker again and see if you’ve improved.

Hopefully, by using this tracker you can then learn to ID what your triggers may be and work to manage your daily diet in a more fruitful way that will allow you to feel more invigorated and engaged with life.

No one should have to live life feeling “off” and you don’t have to.

If you’d like to dive deeper into this as well as nutrition and lifestyle skills & tactics to Re-Root Your Wellness To Live Life, please click HERE to set up your free 30-minute discovery call with me.

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