Dr. Hyman shared this wonderful free e-book today on his Friday “Mark’s Picks” newsletter @ & I wanted to pass this along for all of you to check it out.

So many great concept & practices to follow, but as with anything, it’s always best to start simple to optimize your health:

*Eat a diversity of foods, especially with plants to gain all the amazing benefits of their phytonutrients.

*Adding diversity will help assure that you are getting high quality proteins, healthy fats, fiber and complex carbs, which in turn will give you all the right micronutrients (vitamins/minerals) that drive your critical cellular processes.

*Focus on adding pre & probiotic foods into your diet (kimchi, pickles, sauerkraut, onions, garlic & asparagus) to feed you gut microbiome to support your whole body.

*Eat anti-inflammatory foods & add in great healthy fats like salmon, mackerel, anchovies, sardines, herring, extra virgin olive oil, nuts & seeds to help support a healthy immune system & brain health.

*Get plenty of clean filtered water everyday to help flush out environmental & food toxins + being properly hydrated can help reduce muscle pain & headaches.

*Most importantly, stop eating highly processed foods & focus on eating real whole foods.

By following these tips + all the other great tips in his e-book, I’m sure that you’ll be moving your health to its optimal level.

If you’d like guidance & support on your health journey & would like to work with me as your functional nutrition coach to optimize your health….please go to & schedule your free 30-minute discovery call with me.

To your health!

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