Gluten has been a huge topic in the world of nutrition over the years.

Here’s a quick overview to help guide you along.

Gluten: A substance present in wheat, barley & rye that is responsible for the elastic texture of dough.

For those who have wheat allergies, gluten sensitivities or have celiac disease, grains with gluten should be avoided.

Some say that it’s ok to eat heirloom/ancestral varieties of wheat, like spelt, farro & emmer, but note that they still contain gluten.

Current science suggests that most people would be better off not eating foods containing gluten as they may cause inflammation.

Best to see what works for you & only consume those grains that don’t cause you any negative symptoms.

So if I can’t eat gluten containing grains, what can I eat?

Good news!

You can eat these amazing gluten free grains:

*Oats (buy gluten free versions)
*Rice (Black, Brown, Red or Wild)

Each of these have their own unique flavor & texture profiles & are very versatile.

Plus most are nutrition powerhouses pack full of phytonutrients, vitamins & minerals that will optimize your health!

Check out these links to learn how to cook them along with some great recipes.…/

So go ahead and give these a try, I’m sure you are going to love them.

Let me know what you think.

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To your health!

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