Who doesn’t love a great morning cup of coffee….right?

Coffee when consumed correctly, is another wonderful superfood that can help support your health via the following attributes:

*May help reduce inflammation

*May help improve cardiovascular health

*May improve brain health

*May help support fat burning

*Supports healthy bowel movements

*May help with cellular detoxification

*May help stabilize blood sugar

Focus on limiting your daily consumption to no more than two x 8 fl oz cups per day & be sure to stop drinking it before 2 pm to allow for quality sleep.

Also, be mindful of what you put into your coffee.

The best thing is to learn to drink it black.

If you do need to add additional ingredients, focus on a adding healthy fats like full-fat cream, MCT oil, grass-fed butter & stevia or monk fruit if you want to sweeten it up.

Note that you want to select coffee that ideally is organic, mold-free, & not roasted too dark to get the best health benefits,

Here are my five favorites:

So please enjoy that morning cup of Joe, but focus on quality & quantity to gain the best benefits of what’s in that cup.

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