Focusing on micronutrients today & in particular we want to chat about COPPER.

Copper is a trace mineral, meaning we only need a small quantity to function properly.

Its primary role is to help form hemoglobin, collagen & supports multiple enzymatic & protein processes to support energy metabolism & DNA synthesis.

Getting enough copper in your diet will support the following:

*Boost Brain Health
*Promote Healthy Skin, Hair & Eyes
*Promote Energy Maintenance & Prevent Anemia
*Allow for Proper Growth & Development
*Strengthen Bones
*Support Your Metabolism
*Support Immunity

Top food choices of copper in ranking order are:

*Organ meats, especially liver
*Dark chocolate
*Sunflower seeds

Be sure not to consume too much copper (beyond RDA of 900 μg/day) as that will have a negative impact on your zinc & iron levels too as they compete for similar receptors.

As with anything, it’s all about balance.

To learn more about copper, check out this NIH link:

Here’s a few fun recipes to help assure you are getting enough copper in your diet:

So be sure to get in your daily intake of copper, doing so will keep you feeling your best.

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To your health!


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