Following up today with another holiday favorite spice that packs a punch.

Vanilla can transform any dish into one with complex flavor nuances.

Plus it has multiple health benefits that you were probably not aware of.

1). Anti-bacterial
2). Treats acne
3). Anti-oxidant
4). Brightens skin
5). Anti-inflammatory
6). May lower cholesterol
7). Relieves stress & anxiety
8). Helps curb hunger
9). Supports digestion
10). Fights toothaches

To get the best health benefits, use the whole bean vs using vanilla extract.

If you have to use vanilla extract, be sure to use real vanilla extract vs artifically flavored vanilla.

Cut the bean in half and then scape out the seeds and use them in your recipe.

You can use the scraped bean to make vanilla infused oil to apply to you skin and hair.

Check out this link how to do it:

For a healthy vanilla chia pudding recipe, please check out this link:

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