The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to relax with friends, family, and food and sit back, laugh, and enjoy this festive time of the year.

You’ve made great strides this year to focus on your health by following an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

The good news is that you can still follow this strategy during the holidays so you don’t get any chronic inflammation symptom flair-ups.

Here are some great tips that you can follow to help you survive the holiday season:

1). Don’t skip meals before you head out

2). Eat a healthy snack ahead of time so you don’t overeat 

3). Check out all your food options at the festivities before picking your food

4). Focus on eating more protein and vegetables over heavy starchy sides

5). Don’t deprive yourself of every treat – go for smaller tastes 

6). Be mindful of what you are eating and enjoy the company around you

7). Eat seated, slowly, and savor each bite

8). Take a 10-minute break before going back for seconds

9). Eat until you are 80% full

10). Stay well hydrated

11). Drink alcohol in moderation & be sure not to drink on an empty stomach

12). Go for a walk after your meal

13). Stick to your regular bedtime schedule

14). Take time out to focus on yourself to help manage your stress levels

15). Keep up your regular exercise regime

Remember don’t stress about the holidays and all the food and libations around you.

If you happen to go off plan, there is always tomorrow to get back on track.

You’ve got this!

With the holidays and the new year coming around the corner, there is no better gift that you can give yourself than the gift of health!

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