Your goal should be to eat whole real foods (fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, dairy, nuts, seeds, etc..) as much as you can & avoid consuming overally processed packaged food.

It can be a challenge to stick to not eating packaged foods, so please follow these useful tips when you go to the market:

1). Buy organic if you can

Utilizes clean ingredients & has higher FDA standards

2). Minimal number of ingredients

Try for four ingredients or less

3). Ingredients that you recognize

If you can’t say it, you should not eat it

4). Low to no added sugar

Stay clear of white sugar

5). No refined seed oils

Stay clear of canola, corn, safflower, sunflower, soy & rice bran

6). No refined grains

Stay clear of white flour, white rice & corn grits

7). Fiber is your friend

Minimum of 4 grams per serving

8). Low to moderate sodium content

Less than 300-500 mg per serving

9). Protein packs power

Look for 10-15 grams per serving

10). Avoid quick cook foods

Better nutrition seen with long cooked foods

If you follow these tips then you’ll be making smart food choices & you will feel better for it.

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To your health!

Joseph Bershad

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