Today lets chat about healthy supermarket shopping strategies:

*Don’t shop on an empty stomach

*Plan your meals out for the week & create a shopping list from there to stay on point

*Be creative with your menu selections and try out at least one new fruit &/or vegetable each week

*Buy what is in season locally to be able to rotate your food selections throughout the year

*Try not to impulse buy and stick to your shopping list

*Buy foods that do not have a nutriton facts panel. (ie. whole foods)

*Shop the perimeter of the store first for your main ingredients and then head to the center section for your healthy staples

*Buying frozen fruits & vegetables in their natural form is great to have on hand if you can’t find a fresh version

*Choose healthy fats like avocado, grass fed butter, ghee, & extra virgin olive oil over conventional seed oils

*Select free range poultry, grass fed beef & wild caught seafood over conventionally raised options

If you follow these tips, you will be in a much better place by buying local & in season foods with the highest nutritional content.

Check out this app to see what’s growing in season locally near you:

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To your health!


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