NY Times article today showing positive support for chocolate and it’s health benefits.

Check out the full article HERE.

“Cocoa beans are packed with fiber and “loads of phytonutrients,” Dr. Mozaffarian said, referring to the natural chemicals found in plants. Cocoa is thought to contain about 380 different chemicals, among them a large class of compounds called flavanols that have attracted significant research interest for their potential health benefits”.

Research into these flavanols has shown that they can help improve your cardiovascular health due to their antioxidant benefits, which helps to lower inflammation, which in turn may help lower blood pressure, lower blood cholesterol and improve the health of blood vessels.

Very exciting indeed.

The key is that you need to consume high quality chocolate with the following attributes to gain the benefits:

*Dark chocolate with high cacao levels, target anything above 85%
*Look for raw or fermented cacao to get most nutritional impact
*High fat/fiber to sugar ratio – want least amount of added sugars
*Fewest number of ingredients (ideally cacao and sugar only)
*Look for the best quality that you can find and afford

Please check out my prior post on the health benefits of chocolate HERE, where I dive deeper into the topic + share some of my favorite brands of chocolate.

Hopefully this sparks your interest to begin your journey to improve your own health, which in doing so, will help you to get back to feeling the way you used to feel.

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