Happy Monday All!

Hope you had a great holiday weekend.

Wanted to share some insights into the amazing Cronometer app that can review your current diet & tell you how well you are eating.

Weblink: https://cronometer.com/

The free app version will help provide you with the info you need upfront. There is no need to buy the advanced options.

All you have to do is enter some basic information & targets, plus your daily food consumption, into the app & it will start tracking.

It will automatically show your caloric intake, which shows you if you are eating too much, too little, or are on the mark.

It will also show your vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, lipids & protein intake & break it down into various micronutrients.

This will tell you where you are getting sufficient versus deficient intake.

Your goal would be to focus on the areas you are deficient in & add in the missing whole foods that will make you sufficient.

The great benefit of this data is that it will help you rethink how to look at what you are eating & focus on what your body needs.

Once you achieve this, you will begin to look and feel better!

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To your health!

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