Wanted to share a personal experience with you today that I found transformational!

Last week while working on my own personal growth with my therapist, we experimented with using a primal scream technique to help me release repressed thoughts and feelings from my childhood.

I’ve been challenged in my life by being an introvert as well as not being totally in touch with my inner self due to some unknown earlier life event(s) that has made being with others & sharing how I feel a challenge.

While working on different approaches with my therapist, ranging from talk therapy, somatic therapy & EMDR, I have been able to crack the book open to help identify what my pain points may be and have grown a lot since starting this.

However, in doing a Primal Scream technique, I think I’ve finally found something that has truly helped me open up and let go of my pent-up emotions.

I’m going to do my best to try and explain the process of what we did:

1). Sit in a quiet place, ideally where no one can hear you (we sat in a car)

2). Notice how you feel both physically and emotionally inside before starting

3). Close your eyes and focus on a feeling or emotion that has you “bound” up inside

4). Breathe in deep through your nose for a count of 4, be sure to extend your diaphragm and belly

5). Exhale hard through your mouth for a count of 4, letting go of all the air in your lungs

6). As you are focusing on the feeling or emotion, let it build up in intensity as you breathe.

7). Continue to do this until you almost feel sick in your stomach and can’t hold onto it any longer

8). At this point, take the focus from the breath and transfer this into a scream where you just let everything go as loud & as long as you can.

9). Once you let it go, go back to the breathing steps in #3 & #4 above until you feel relaxed

10). Notice now how you feel physically and emotionally after this as compared to before.

11). You should feel a great sense of release, relief, and less stress inside (at least I did)

12). Repeat the process above 1-2 more times, but be careful not to overdo it as it relates to hurting your voice and letting go of your inner emotions, as both can be painful

For me what I experienced afterward was a great sense of openness and calmness that was not there before.

Most of us all have some form of pent-up emotions or something that gets us stressed out that leaves us in a state of pain, anger, discouragement, and being unwell.

When we spend time focusing on what’s stuck inside of us and letting it go, these all can become positive when we don’t have them inside anymore.

Ideally, you can start to notice that you physically feel much better in doing this where whatever challenges you have been facing start to fade away.

As for the body to truly heal we need to have our nervous system in a balanced state vs being stuck in a sympathetic state.

Once you can achieve this, you can start to THRIVE where you’ll sleep better, have less pain, and feel more alive than you did prior.

If you’d like to learn more about this approach, check out this YouTube video of Dr. Arthur Janov who helped to create this modality:

Chronic stress due to untouched emotions can lead to many negative health conditions if you don’t manage it correctly, but now that you have a tool to help you, you’ll be in a much better place now.

No one should have to live life feeling “off” and you don’t have to.

If you’d like to dive deeper into this to Re-Root Your Wellness To Live Life, please click LINK IN BIO to set up your free 30-minute discovery call with me.

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