Did you know that research has shown that if you don’t get enough good quality & quantity of sleep every day that it can impact your metabolic health?

Things like digestive distress, mood changes, anxiety, blood sugar dysregulation, and even weight gain have all been linked to poor sleep quality.

One of the most important things to focus on is getting light at the right times throughout the day and the right kind of light.

Light helps regulate your melatonin (sleep hormone) and cortisol (stress hormone) balance, which is key to keeping your circadian clocks in tune which will help keep you functionally fit.

Anything that disturbs this balance will have an impact on your sleep, hence your health.

During the day focus on getting exposure to natural sunshine for at least 20 minutes as soon as you awake and ideally before 11 am.

If you can’t do this, look at full-spectrum lightbulbs or even seasonal effectiveness disorder (SAD) lamps.

Both provide better alternatives to other unnatural light indoor sources to keep you in balance.

The bigger key is to focus on avoiding junk blue light after sunset.

Blue light is a big component of what the sun kicks out, but you don’t want this later in the evening as it’s stimulatory and you don’t want that when you want to go to sleep.

Focus on these ideas and you’ll sleep will be so much better as you’ll be producing melatonin when you should be.

1). Avoid screen exposure from electronics at least 1-2 hours before bedtime.

2). Avoid bright lights 1-2 hours before bedtime.

3). Switch your electronics over to night mode or download a free app called f.lux to lessen how bright your light exposure is.

4). Wear blue light-blocking glasses after 7 pm.

5). Use blue-light blocking filters on your electronics if you have to use them.

6). In your bedroom change out the lightbulbs from traditional ones to softer light LED bulbs

7). Use red light exposure lamps 60 minutes before bed

8). Use real candles

9). Keep your room as dark as possible when you are sleeping or wear a sleep mask

10). Block out any little lights from electronics with electric tape

Give these ideas a try and I know that you’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time.

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