To help celebrate, here’s some tips to add into your daily life that will help you look and feel better:

1). Eat a variety of nutritious foods:
*Include healthful proteins, fats, fiber and filtered water
*Eat the rainbow of colors to add in phytonutrient diversity
*Try one new fruit and vegetable every week

2). Plan your meals and snacks:
*When grocery shopping, use a list to prevent impulse buys
*Use the web to find healthful recipes with what’s in your fridge
*Select healthful food choices when eating out away from home

3). Create tasty meals at home:
*Learn new cooking and meal preparation skills
*Experiment with fun and new flavors from around the world
*Enjoy your meals with friends and family

If you focus on these three tips, you will begin to optimize your own health and wellness.

Here’s some great recipe links:

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This will be the best investment of time that you have ever made, as it will change the way you think about food and lifestyles for the rest of your life.

To your health!

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