Following our food is medicine approach, let’s talk about these heart healthy foods that will help optimize your blood pressure.


Rich in magnesium, calcium & potassium which are key minerals that support blood flow

*Red Cabbage

Great source of potassium, which helps keep blood pressure within normal ranges


Main active ingredient allicin improves nitric oxide supply which relaxes muscles & blood vessel tension


Rich in potassium which helps manage internal water flow & balances sodium


Wonderful source of magnesium, calcium & potassum which support blood pressure control


High in omega-3 fatty acids which supports lowering inflammation


Rich in quercitin, beta carotene & potassium that provides cardiovascular support


Another great source for nitric oxide which can help lower your systolic blood pressure

*Swiss Chard

Great source of magnesium, calcium & potassium all which support regulating blood pressure

*Unsalted Pumpkin Seeds

High in zinc & magnesium which lowers blood pressure

Here are some fun heart healthy recipes to add into your weekly meals to support your blood pressure:

Remember to follow a plant rich diet and you’ll help optimize your cardiovascular health.

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To your health!


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