Let’s focus on what foods you should be incorporating into your daily diet to get optimal sleep:

*Poultry: High in the amino acid tryptophan that supports natural melatonin release & regulates your circadian rhythm

*Almonds: Source of magnesium which manages cortisol levels which helps to reduce stress

*Bananas: Contains carbs, magnesium & potassium which support sleep and nerve function

*Wild Caught Fatty Fish: Omega-3 fats & Vit D which help support serotonin production to help you sleep

*Kale: Contains fiber, antioxidants, calcium & magnesium which helps support circulation & brain health

*Fermented Dairy: Yogurt & kefir are high in protein, probiotics & tryptophan that help aid in digestive & immune health

*Beets: High in nitric oxide which supports healthy blood flow to assure your brain gets enough oxygen to support sleep

*Tart Cherries: Source of carbs, essential minerals & a natural souce of melatonin to help you sleep

*Kiwis: High in potassium & Vit C that supports healthy immune system

*Turmeric, Ginger and Cinnamon: Spices that invoke a sense of calming

So focus on optimizing your diet with these great natural sleep supporting foods & you will see improvements in your sleep in no time.

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To your health!


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