Hope everyone has been having a wonderful holiday season & getting ready to celebrate the new year in a few days!

Remember that it’s ok this time of year to enjoy food & drink that you don’t normally consume in moderation, but afterwards you should regain your focus to optimize your health.

Today I would like to discuss added sugar with you.

Added sugar is sugar added to processed food & it is not the inherent sugar content that comes from natural ingredients.

Focus on trying to keep total added sugar to no more than 1 TBSP a day to help prevent these negative health concerns:

*Increases inflammation
*Higher risk of heart disease
*Increases blood sugar
*Higher risk of type II diabetes
*Disrupts your gut microbiome
*Causes weight gain
*Increases cravings
*Lower bioavailibly of vitamins & minerals
*May lead to fatty liver disease
*May increase risk of depression

If you do need to add sugar, focus on natural sources like honey, maple syrup or low glycemic fruit like blueberries.

Check out this link for benefits between honey & maple syrup + some great recipes to try out:


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With the new year coming around the corner, there is no better gift that you can give yourself than the gift of health!
To your health,

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