Here are some very kind words from one of my clients Nick, who has been really focused on implementing what I’ve taught him.

In doing so, he’s able to regain control over what and how he eats and has seen marked improvements in how he feels.

What Nick’s words show, is that if your heart and mind are willing to commit to a fruitful change, then you can do it.

Here’s his full testimonial:

“I have struggled with eating habits and trying to change them for my entire life. Some struggles are culturally rooted (food makes you feel better), and some are rooted in a lack of coping. I originally signed up with Joseph because I wanted a plan. I needed some structure inserted into how I eat and conceptualize eating. My hesitation, as always, is rooted in my self-doubt. I have enjoyed the work with Joseph.

His approach is very low-pressure and non-judgmental, as well as commonsensical. I can now see how to change my habits. I used to hold an “all or nothing” approach, and now I am working to make individual changes and sticking with them.

Joseph provides an intuitive, data-driven approach to changing how one conceptualizes their relationship with food. He comes to you with no judgment and uses his wealth of knowledge and experience to help to start to change habits.”


Please don’t put off addressing your chronic inflammation any longer.

Your time is now to change just like Nick did.

No one should have to live life feeling “off” and you don’t have to either.

To dive deeper into Re-Rooting Your Wellness To Live Life, please click the LINK IN BIO to set up your free 30-minute discovery call with me.

Here’s To Kicking Your Chronic Inflammation To The Curb!

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