When your body is fine tuned, everything seems fine, but when something is off, you know it.

This is so true for gut health, as you may not just see signs there but anywhere else in your body as your gut is interconnected to rest of you body.

Here’s some of the signs that you could see:

*Gas, bloating & stomach pain

*Moving your bowels too often or too little

*Changes in your mood

*Lack of focus & concentration

*Increased appetite, especially sugar cravings

*Skin issues (dry, cracked, hives, rashes, etc..)

*Poor sleep quality

*Changes to your weight (+/-)

*Getting sick more frequently

Here’s some home based support that you can try to out to see if it helps you:

*Clean up your diet by removing sugar & processed foods.

*Eat high quality protein, healthy fats, starchy/non-starchy veggies, low glycemic fruits & gluten free grains

*Include fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi & pickles

*Get regular exercise

*Try to ID what your food triggers could be & remove them

*Manage your stress with meditation or yoga

*Try a 12 hour fast to give your digestion time to rest

Here’s some great gut healing recipes to try out to help you along:


Please give these tips a try & see if you start to feel better.

Remember if anything is really wrong, please see you Dr. asap.

If you’d like guidance & support for your own gut health journey & would like to work with me as your functional nutrition coach, please go to https://p.bttr.to/3kiqI71 & schedule your free

30-minute discovery call with me.

To your health!


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