Blood sugar (glucose) balancing is one of the keys to supporting a healthy metabolism, keeping your mood stable & promoting satiety.

Try out these simple tips below:

*Never eat carbs by themselves
Eating alone will cause rapid & prolonged glucose spike

*Always combine carbs, protein, fat & fiber at every meal/snack
Combining allows carbs to be processed slower with lower spike

*Eat your fiber 1st > protein/fat 2nd > carbs last
Fiber absorbs & slows down the absorption of the other ingredients & allows for lower spike

*Precook and reheat your healthy starchy carbs
Turns starches into resistant starches which are treated more like fiber vs carbs (sugar)

*Add 1 TBSP of apple cider vinegar to 8 oz of water & drink 30 minutes before a meal
Promotes a lower glucose spike

*Try to limit how much water you drink during a meal
Increased fluid load speeds entry of food into digestive track & spikes glucose

*Add cinnamon into your meals
Compounds in cinnamon have been found to improve insulin response which supports healthy glucose response

*Go for a 10 minute walk or do light exercise after each meal
Utilizes the sugar you just ate as immediate energy & lowers glucose response.

Try out these simple tips for yourself & see how you feel after a few days.

I bet you will start to feel like a whole new you!

Please let me know!

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To your health!

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