SMASH fish have all these wonderful
properties that support a healthy diet:

*High omega-3 fats
*Easy to digest high quaity protein
*Good source of vitamin D
*Good source of selenium
*Good source of iodine
*Low in mercury
*Supports heart health
*Lowers inflammation

Be sure to buy from wild caught vs
farm raised sources.

Versatile and simple to use in recipes.

Great simply grilled with sea salt, extra virgin
olive oil, lemon, garlic and fresh herbs l
ike mint or cilantro.

Strive to eat SMASH fish at least 2-3 times
per week to gain their optimal benefits.

To learn more about how to look at your
diet using SMASH fish to optimize your
health, please contact me at
and schedule your free
20 minute discovery call.

To your health!

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