When most people talk about what are the best fish to eat for high omega-3 fat content, they usually talk about salmon, mackerel, anchovies, sardines & herring (SMASH), but forget to mention sprats.

Sprats are related to anchovies, but usually come from the colder waters of the Baltic Sea.

Sprats are shorter and fatter in size vs anchovies & have a much fattier, meatier and richer flavor.

In terms of nutrition both are similar, with sprats having the following key differences vs anchovies:

*Higher in omega-3 EPA/DHA fats to help with brain health
*Higher in iron to help with oxygenation
*Higher in vitamin B-12 to help with energy production
*Richer in selenium, a key antioxidant mineral
*Lower in mercury, which is what you want to prevent toxicity

As you’ll most likely find sprats smoked, tinned & packed in oil, you can use them exactly as you would with anchovies or sardines.

It is a great addition to a salad, or soup or cooked into your tomato sauce to enhance your dish’s rich, smoky & umami flavor.

Here’s a brand that I highly recommend:


So go on and give sprats a try, I’m sure you’ll love them!

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To your health!

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