Iron is a key nutrient for your body & if you don’t have enough coming in from your diet you may become deficient.

Symptoms of low iron range from finding it hard to fall asleep, shortness of breath, fatigue, cold sensitivity, thinning hair, troubles concentrating & headaches.

Natural souces of iron come in two forms:

Heme: From animal based foods

Ex: Oysters, Liver, Mussels, Sardines, Mackerel, Beef & Chicken

Non-Heme: From vegetable based foods

Ex: White Beans, Dark Chocolate, Lentils, Quinoa, Spinach & Tofu

Our bodies tend to process heme based iron better then non heme, but here are some helpful hints on how to boost the absorbption & effectiveness of the iron you consume:

*Include foods high in vit C (bell peppers, tomatoes & citrus fruits)

*Combine both heme and non-heme foods together

*Eat low glycemic fruits with non-heme iron foods

*Cook your food in a cast iron skillet

*Try to avoid combining with foods high in calcium (dairy) as it blocks the absorption

If you follow these suggestions, you should maintain a normal iron level and feel much better.

Here are some great recipes to try out to bump up your iron:

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