As simple as it sounds, chewing your food properly and doing so in a mindful way, is the easiest & best thing that you can do to optimize your digestion.

Here are the reasons why plus some useful tips:

*Breaks your food down into smaller particles.

*The smaller the food is, the more effective the digestive enzymes/acids can work on it before you swallow it.

*Makes it easier to swallow due to the food having more lubricity from saliva and enzyme release.

*Your stomach will produce more digestive acids and enzymes, which allows for more efficient final digestion and will use less energy.

*Supports optimal nutrient extraction and absorption.

*May eliminate bloating, cramping, stomach pains, and gas production.

*Note there is no magic number of how many times you should chew your food, but think about it in terms of how crunchy or nutrient-dense the food is. (ie. chew these foods longer)

*Target eating your meal over a 20-30 minute window to be able to reach full satiety.

*Should allow you to eat less and maybe even lose some weight too.

*Allows you to slow down and appreciate and savor all of the complex/subtle taste sensations of the foods you’re eating.

*Be sure to chew using BOTH sides of your mouth to assure proper breakdown + it keeps your bite in check.

So there you go, please try chewing your food in a more mindful way, & please DM me to let me know how you feel.

You can do this!

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