When you talk about ways to add flavor to dishes, you typically think about salt, pepper herbs & spices, but let’s not forget about the all time classic…..citrus.

But not just a plain old lemon or lime, we’re talking about preserved lemons that only have two ingredients.

Lemons and salt….that’s it.

The flavor of this amazing puree comes from the aging process as the lemons and salt go through a fermentation process.

The cool thing here is that this process then turns the lemons into a probiotic food that contains vitamin C and polyphenols to help support your gut and help reduce inflammation.

The key here is not to use too much as it does pack a ton of flavor in small quantities.

I use it in marinades, dressings and sauces to liven up any dish, where it adds an citrusy/umami flavor burst that then takes the dish over the top.

Check out these great recipe ideas from NY Shuk who make this:


You can buy it online on their website or try your local speciality store.


So go ahead and give this a try and let me know what you think.

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To your health!

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