I’ve spoken about sleep in several prior postings.

Having focus on your sleep is such an integral part of how you can enhance your overall health and well being.

Targeting to get 7-8 hours of good quality (light, deep and REM) sleep every night has the power to reset all of your body’s systems, which will keep them in optimal condition as it gives them time to recover plus flush out toxins and waste products.

Having low amounts and poor quality sleep is linked to so many negative health aspects and we want to do all we can do to prevent that.

To dive deeper into sleep, I highly recommend the following three resources that will teach everything from the history of sleep, why we sleep, why we dream and what we can do to enhance our sleep quality and more!

#1 & #2 are free on line classes

#3 is a book for sale that you can find online

1). Dr. Mark Hyman’s Sleep Masterclass https://courses.drhyman.com/sleep-course-own

2). Dave Asprey’s 14 Day Sleep Challenge


3). Dr. Matthew Walker’s Book

Why We Sleep – Unlocking The Power of Sleep & Dreams


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To your health!


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