1). High in fiber which helps manage satiety & keeps things moving

2). Contains betaines which may help to support proper blood pressure and exercise performance

3). Good source of vitamin A which may help with vision

4). Low in fat and calories but high in water, which can help balance your energy intake.

5). Good source of potassium & folate which may help with mental clarity

6). Contain antioxidant pigments called betalains, which may support heart health

7). Good source of iron which may help increase energy

8). Contains phytonutrients and antioxidants which may help lower inflammation

9). Good source of vitamin C, which may help support the immune system

10). Betaine content may also support liver detox

Plus beets are delicious and versatile to incorporate into your daily diet.

Be sure to buy the beetroot with its greens to get double the nutrition benefits from both their starchy and non-starchy makeup.

Try out golden beets on top of standard red beets to help get more colors of the rainbow into your diet.

Check out these great recipes:



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