Turmeric is not just known for it’s culinary usage as the ingredient that gives Indian curries and golden milk lattes it’s distinctive vibrant yellow color and pungent bite.

But it also has many health benefits derived from the main active compound curcumin found within the root itself.

Here’s my list of it’s top benefits:

1). Anti-inflammatory
2). Reduces oxidative stress
3). Improves metabolism
4). Benefits blood sugar stability
5). Supports brain health
6). May lower risk of heart disease
7). Lessens joint and muscle pain
8).  Anti-viral
9). Helps digestion
10). Supports liver health

So you can see that this one spice can really help support your overall well being and you should start to incorporate this into your own meals.

It’s best to use it in it’s whole root form (usually found next to ginger root).

If you can’t find the fresh root, then using the dried and ground spice is a great alternative.

Remember to combine your turmeric with black pepper, as the piperine in the black pepper works synergistically with the curcumin in the turmeric to boost it’s bioavailabilty and absorption.

Here’s some fun recipes to try out using turmeric:

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