Guys, do you struggle with mental clarity & focus during the day?

It could be due to lack of key vitamins & minerals that you are not getting from your diet by not eating the right foods or not enough of them.

Most folks find it hard to get full nutritional balance just from food & typically look to supplements, which can work but you don’t always know if you are buying a high quality & naturally derived product.

I just found this brand new coffee from Dave Asprey, who created Bulletproof coffee that I have found to be a game changer for my own personal mental clarity & focus.

From what the website shares, not only is the coffee lab tested to be mold free, but it adds back 50 trace minerals, nutrients, & electrolytes, which normal coffee drinking depletes your body of after drinking.

All of these additions are noted to come from fulvic & humic acids, which are naturally produced from humus (not from chickpeas) but from the earth (think rocks & volcanos).

That’s as pure of a source that you can find.

The net effect of the high quality coffee & the acids are that you feel amazing, energized & can totally keep focus through the day.

All from ONE cup of coffee!

To learn more about fulvic & humic acid, check out these two links:

So go ahead & check this out for yourself & let me know if you see the same benefits.

Order from their website before Sunday & get an extra 20% off.

Note that I have no affiliation with this product, I just want to share this with you because it works!

To learn more about how to optimize your diet & lifestyles, please go to & schedule your free 30-minute discovery call with me to kick start your health & wellness journey with me.

To your health!


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