Here’s one more topic about water and it’s a big one.

Hopefully you are now making an effort to drink your targeted daily water intake for you to feel your best.

Do not forget to focus on the source of where your water is coming from to be sure that you are getting pure clean quality water.

The water coming straight from your tap may not be as clean as you think, especially if you have old plumbing.

Be sure that you try to remove as many of the contaminants in the water that you can so that they don’t wind up inside of you.

If you are interested in learning about your own local water quality check out:

Environmental Working Group (EWG) Local Water Guides:

They also have great insights around filtering which is what everyone should be doing no matter where you live:

EWG Water Filtration Guide:

You should focus on water quality in the same way that you do with your food quality.

Remember that you are what you eat (or drink).

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