“Vitamin N” is the one that we all forget to take on a regular basis & when we don’t take it we are missing out on the many powerful positive impacts to our health that it has & it’s FREE!

I’m talking about NATURE.

Spending time in nature weekly if not daily, can truly enhance your mood, energy, stamina, happiness, creativity, lower your stress levels, lower your blood pressure, lower inflammation, lessen pain, and so much more.

Breaking away from today’s super tech world is needed now more than ever & Vitamin N is one of the best solutions we have to recharge.

So be sure to get outside and go for a walk around your neighborhood, hike in the woods or spend time on the beach.

Do it alone or with others, just get out there and do it.

If you do it, its best done barefoot.

Doing this allows you to connect with the earth, which helps us to ground and recharge our bodies by pulling in the free electrons, which in turn will reset your nervous system and leave you feeling amazing.

Focus on coming into contact with:

*Grass, sand, dirt & soil
*Plants & living trees
*Gravel & rock that touches the earth
*Unsealed concrete
*Unsealed brick
*Bodies of water

Target at least 10 minutes & up to 60 minutes per session.

So get out there & enjoy some time in nature & be sure to get in touch with the earth!

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To your health!

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