Are you totally lost when you look at the yogurt section at the supermarket?

Here’s my practical advice:

*Choose from a variety of sources as long as they don’t bother you
Cow, sheep, goat, cashew, coconut or pili nut
*Look for active cultures
Lactobacillus bulgaricus & Streptococcus thermophilus
*Less ingredients the better
Ideally less than 3
*Plain or vanilla are best
Avoid fruity yogurts as they tend to be high in added sugar
*Low to no added sugar
Target less than 4 grams per serving
*High protein content
Target 10 grams or more per serving
*High fat content
Target 8 grams or more
*Organic &/or grass fed preferred
Provides better nutritional in terms of fats & vitamins
*Regular vs Greek vs Skyr
This is a personal choice based upon texture

Here’s my recommendations on what brands are best in terms of meeting these measures, taste the best & are thick & creamy:

Cow Greek:

Cow Skyr:





Pili nut:

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To your health!

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