Do you know the difference between A1 & A2 dairy (milk)?

There are two main proteins found within milk casein & whey.

Casein accounts for 80%, vs. whey accounts for 20% of the proteins.

There are three different types of caseins found in milk & the type we are concerned about today is beta-casein, which has two types A1 & A2.

A1 is typically found in most commercially raised dairy cows, being the black & white Holsteins.

A2 is typically found in heritage breeds such as Jersey, Guernsey, Brown Swiss, Normand & Desi.

A2 is also found in goats and sheep.

Note that human breast milk is mainly made of A2 caseins, too.

Many people are sensitive to the A1 casein protein, which can cause digestive & inflammatory distress.

Whereas A2 milk typically won’t cause issues with people sensitive to A1 milk.

Note that both A1 & A2 milk contain lactose, so if you are lactose intolerant, you’d still have problems with A2 milk.

If you are looking to optimize your digestion & inflammation & can’t give up dairy, it’d be best to try out A2 dairy & see if it helps you out.

You can find A2 milk in most supermarkets as a branded product, or you can find independent dairies selling it too.

I have not seen yogurts or cheeses made with A2 milk, so if you want to consume those you’d want to give goat & sheep based dairy a try.

Don’t be afraid to try goat yogurt or sheep milk. They really are delicious.

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