Plant based foods contain what are called phytonutrients, which are naturally occurring compounds that protect the plants from their own environmental stressors.

When we consume these in our diets, they do the same thing for us, by protecting us from developing inflammatory-based health concerns.

Our goal is to eat any many different colors of fruits, vegetables, nuts & seeds as possible to gain the most benefits.

Take an audit of your current meals & see how many different colors you are eating.

Most Americans are lacking this diversity, as we tend to overconsume white (nutrient-depleted foods), brown (deep fried foods), or yellow (high carbohydrates).

In doing so we are self-promoting poor health.

The GOOD news here is that there is something SIMPLE & EASY that you can do.

Look to add in as many different colors of foods of all sizes, shapes & textures to your daily diet as you can.

In doing so you’ll be gaining a wider range of these phytonutrients which in turn will:

*Provide a greater range of key nutrients

*Help reduce the risk of chronic disease

*Optimize your gut health

*Improve your cooking repertoire 

*Enhance the function of your immune system

Each color of food has its own respective support such as:

*Blue: Supports cognitive function

*Green: Supports circulatory function

*Yellow: Supports gut health

*Orange: Supports eye health

*Red: Supports immune function

So go ahead and get out to your local supermarket or farmers market & look to add in as many different colors of foods as you can.

Take your time & add 1 new fruit & 1 new vegetable each week until you can get up to at least 40 different versions.

You’ll start to see distinct improvements following this strategy along with eating an anti-inflammatory-based diet.

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