Gut health is one of the most important things that you can focus on to help achieve your best state of well-being.

As having a healthy gut is linked to the production of hormones, neurotransmitters & vitamins, having anything off in your gut, you can see symptoms elsewhere in your body.

Such as having problems sleeping, moodiness, joint & muscle pain, skin issues, etc…

What science has determined is that gluten could be a big player in the degradation of your gut health.

Gluten is the family name for a group of proteins found in wheat, barley, and rye.

It can also be found in other grains (oats) and pseudo-grains (millet & sorghum) by cross-contamination during harvesting or processing.

Historically gluten has not been an issue, but as wheat, barley & rye have been cross-bred over the generations to make them drought resistant & have better baking qualities, they have become harder to digest & in turn, making gluten more problematic.

Gluten has been found to trigger the production of a protein called zonulin in your intestines and liver, which when levels become too high, opens up the tight junctions in the lining of our gut.

It’s this opening or what’s known as “leaky gut” that we want to try & prevent from occurring.

Typically what you eat goes into your mouth, is digested in the stomach & processed & absorbed in your intestines & comes out the other end as waste.

When we have gaps in the intestinal lining, food, microbes, viruses & toxins that should be excreted as waste instead are able to escape & get into your bloodstream & go elsewhere in your body.

It’s when this happens that your body senses these as foreign invaders & your immune system is turned on & works to fight these off through the inflammatory response.

If your leaky gut is not addressed, in time this overactive immune response leads to chronic inflammation, which can manifest as digestive, cognitive, skin & muscular issues.

The simplest way to help to reduce your chronic inflammation is to remove any foods containing gluten to allow your gut lining to heal.

It may sound hard to remove bread, pasta & crackers from your diet, but there are plenty of delicious gluten-free alternatives out there.

Just be sure to read the labels to find items that have 10 or fewer ingredients & that those ingredients are items that you recognize.

Give these a try:




Also, check out these great gluten-free recipes:

Try going gluten-free for at least 2 weeks & then track to see how you feel.

Over time you can help your body to heal & you can start to feel your best & thrive again.

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